Building a Blog with Hugo

July 16, 2022


A couple of months ago I started a new job at Bitrise where I’m learning a lot of new things currently and I’m also in the middle of a CKA exam preparation. I thought that the notes I’m taking during my learning sessions or on my day-to-day tasks could be useful for anyone interested in these topics.

Another reason is I would like to improve my writing skills in english.


Many years ago I had a site built with Jekyll, but now I thought I give Hugo a try as I’m really enthusiastic about Go and read a lot of great things about it.

The longest part of the process was probably to find a good theme that I could easily customize. I ended up doing my own, but it’s heavily inspired by Etch and Hugo Bear Blog .

For CSS, I’ve picked Bootstrap without any particular reason other than that I’m (somewhat) familiar with it. I’m pretty sure it’s overkill for a simple page like this… Other than messing around a little with the typography I didn’t do much. I’ve also added fontawesome for a couple of icons.

Since the whole page is static I’m hosting it on Github Pages and it is built with Github Actions.

The source code is public at .